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Critique of Newsroom

December 1, 2008

I found the online press center on the John Deere website to be very helpful and very easy to navigate. There is a link to it from the main company information page which can easily be found on the John Deere website.

Once in the Online newsroom, or press center as it is labeled on this site, there are several categories of places to look for information depending on what you are looking for. These links include media contacts, RSS feeds, 2008 company news, and 2008 product news. Also, at the bottom of the main page you can access archived data from previous years.

On the Media Contacts page you will find all of the contact information for the various contacts with the company neatly organized into categories. On the RSS feeds page you will find the 3 available feeds with links to subscribe to them. And, on the company and product news pages you will find links to all the news releases the company has sent out. These are all organized by dates and have the title displayed with a link to the actual article.

Compared to some other websites news rooms that I have visited I found John Deere’s to be very user friendly. The labels were simple yet accurate which made it very easy to use.

All Information Taken From John Deere Press Center