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Future with Company

December 1, 2008

Based on my research with of the Deere and Co. corporation I think that it would be an interesting company to work for. their core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation make them a company I could see myself working for. However, based on my research of available careers they do not seem to have anything that would suit what I am looking for in a career. Also, there are not many entry level or even lower level positions with the company in the public relations department.

While John Deere would be a fun company to work for, I do not see myself working for them in the future for one reason in particular. That reason being that I am interested in doing event planning and I was unable to find any jobs with the company that would allow me to that. There were a few jobs in the public relations department but none that pertained to the event planning field. Also I do not know if I see myself moving to Moline, IL., which is where the company headquarters is located.

Information taken from John Deere website