John Deere is one company that still seems to be striving even in the midst of the struggling economy. While they had a worldwide net income of $345.0 million, or $0.81 per share for the fourth quarter, which ended October 31, compared with $422.1 million, or $0.94 per share, for the same period last year; overall for the full year, net income was a record $2.053 billion, or $4.70 per share, compared with $1.822 billion, or $4.00 per share, last year.

Worldwide net sales and revenues increased 21 percent, to $7.401 billion, for the fourth quarter and were up 18 percent, to $28.438 billion, for the full year. Financed is not a major challenge that Deere and Company is currently facing. “In the face of highly uncertain global economic conditions, John Deere has completed a fifth consecutive year of record earnings, reflecting our efforts to build and grow a great business,” said Robert W. Lane, chairman and chief executive officer.

The only challenges I could find that have been of concern to Deere and Company in the last year are that there have been a few product recalls. In order to remedy this Deere and Company promptly sent notification of these recalls to all customers who had purchased the equipment. In this letter it let the customers know what the problem was and where they should go or who to contact to get the necessary changes made to their equipment.

All information from John Deere Newsroom


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