Since Deere and Company manufactures and sells such a wide variety of products they have an equally wide variety of customers or publics.

Anyone can be a customer of Deere and Company. They have a large commercial and residential market where they sell equipment and merchandise to individuals for their own personal use or to landscape companies or businesses.

They also sell a variety of merchandise that can be bought from a number of retailers. Many people who have probably never used any of the equipment made by the company wear their hats or t-shirts. Also available from John Deere are many home decor items. these include picture frames, blankets, and other collectibles just to name a few.

Children are also one of John Deere’s publics. They have many products available for children. Some of these include clothing, bedding, books, toy tractors and other equipment, and toy models of real equipment that children can ride. They also have a line of products based around the character “Johnny Deere” and his friends.

Another public of Deere and Company are those individuals who use products produced by the agricultural department. These products are produced for individuals who farm on a large scale. All the products in this line are made specifically for agricultural purposes and are marketed to the individuals who make their living farming.

Yet another public of Deere and Company is construction and Forestry. These branches of the company market specifically to people in the construction and forestry industries. These are both highly specialized industries and have a specific population. Most people don’t even know what most of this equipment is so the market for this type of equipment is very narrow.

Another large part of Deere and Company is the golf equipment they sell. Again this is a very specialized market. Only golf courses need to purchase this equipment.

Deere and Company also does business with the military and governmental agencies making those groups part of John Deere’s public.

Information taken from John Deere Website


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