Blog 3: Groundswell

The Fortune 500 company that I have chosen for my project is Deere & Co., better known as John Deere. This company does use the Groundswell in some areas but could probably incorporate in more ways to make it more effective.

One area of the Groundswell that I found Deere & Co. to be using is “energizing.” I found a website called John Deere Fans. This is a website where one John Deere fan post “everything John Deere at one site.” People can read what this fan has to say about products and the company in general as well as post there own comments. Much to my surprise there are several blogs out there dedicated to the love of all things John Deere.

This represents energizing because it is an existing community much like the LUGNET society that is mentioned in the book. However as far as I can tell this is completely separate from Deere & Co.. They may want to consider a program like the Lego Ambassador program to encourage growth of this existing online community.

Another way that Deere and Co. could benefit by energizing existing communities is by having a presence on Facebook. There are over 20 pages worth of groups dedicated solely to John Deere. Most support the company but there are a few negative groups. Being aware of both of these types of groups could be beneficial to the company. I did find there to be several tweets on Deere & Co. corporate matters from several news sources on Twitter. I also found a Twitter name of JOHNDEERETRACT however, it had no followers and was following no one. I was unable to determine if they were actually from the company or just a fan.


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One Response to “Blog 3: Groundswell”

  1. Barbara Nixon Says:


    Thanks for your analysis and suggestions. I bet Deere could benefit from something like what Lego did.


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