Last week I attended the Georgia Parks and Recreation Association (GRPA) conference in Athens, Ga. During this conference while attending a session on how the market athletic special events I was surprised to hear one of the pannelist mention Twitter. She mentioned it in passing and then asked how many people in the room used it or had even heard of it. In a room full of professional I was the only one who was familiar with Twitter. I found this to be very interesting. The speaker went on to talk about how Twitter can be used as a marketing tool. I was very excited to know what she was talking about!

GRPA, like other professional conferences I have attended was not very student friendly. There were only a few sessions that applied to me as a student and those I feel would have been more appropriate and beneficial to a student graduating from high school, not college. However, even though the sessions were some what lacking I did really enjoy getting the chance to interact with professionals in that setting. I was very surprised, but proud, with myself for taking the initiative to walk up to several professionals there and introduce myself and start a conversation. From those conversations I have 2 great contacts about possible internships.

I think maybe my favorite part of the conference was the opening session where we got to hear “Radio,” and his coach, Coach Jones, speak. Radio, if you haven’t seen the movie, is a guy who has some kind of mental disability but became part of a high school football team. I really enjoyed listening to Coach Jones share the story of how he and Radio met and have stayed friends for so long. I also really enjoyed when Radio spoke. I’m not really sure what he said but whatever it was he was excited about it. There was a smile on his face and the faces of everyone in the room.


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