One Week of Twitter

Before taking this class I had never heard of Twitter, it was a completely foreign concept to me. Since being a member for such a brief time I have not had the chance to fully explore all the possibilities that it might have to offer. I think that in the future it could potentially benefit me to continue my membership on Twitter if I had the time to devote to it. I think the reason I have not been able to fully explore it during this assignment is simply a lack of time. With all the other assignments, classes, work, and extra-curricular activities I am involved in I simply have not had the time to “play” on Twitter and become familiar with the way it works and find people to follow who are of interest to me. Aside from the people in the class and those that professor Nixon recommended I have not sought out anyone to follow.

I find the set up some what confusing. It is hard for me to pay attention to what everyone is saying, especially when none of it is directed toward me. It seems like I am getting bits and pieces of a conversation. Again, I will admit that I have not spent much time on it but from what I have seen it seems to be more of a social scene than a professional networking site. For example, there was a person who was updating the Twitter world of his wife’s labor. I doubt that I will continue to maintain my Twitter account after this assignment, but it might possibly be something I come back to later in my career.


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